About Us

Natural Detox Foot Patches is a business servicing Australia and New Zealand. We are an official Hodaf original supplier providing original Hodaf Natural Detox Foot Patches direct to the retail consumer.

We believe in natural products that are natural or plant based, organic, nontoxic and only contain safe ingredients. We use our knowledge and expertise to source only the highest quality products from around the globe and make them available to you at an affordable best price.

Our products adhere to severe ingredient standards, are made with integrity, are free from banned ingredients and are safe to use. We provide products that do not cause environmental harm, allergens, carcinogenic exposure, are free from neurotoxins and do not cause organ irritation or toxicity.

Our packaging is from sustainable sources and recyclable wherever possible. We believe in a low-carbon future and in minimising negative impacts on our environment.

https://naturaldetoxfootpatches.com.au is a website owned and operated by City Time.

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